The dedication and commitment devoted to each client by the attorneys of Kramer, Dunleavy & Ratchik, PLLC is reflected in the verdicts and settlements obtained on their behalf. Many of these verdicts and settlements were obtained after years of hard-fought litigation, including trials and appeals, sometimes after other trial lawyers had already given up.


for a professional makeup artist who suffered a traumatic brain injury after slipping and falling down a flight of stairs that had become flooded due to the landlord’s negligence.

for a newborn infant who lost his arm due to a prescription error by the hospital.

for a 45-year-old construction worker who suffered permanent and debilitating back injury requiring numerous spinal surgeries after getting struck by falling steel pipe.

for a 57-year-old woman who developed metastatic endometrial cancer after undergoing hysterectomy which caused an undiagnosed cancer in her uterus to spread throughout her abdomen.

for a child who was born with severe developmental delays after her mother, while pregnant, ate deli meat that was contaminated with listeria.

for a 38-year-old woman who developed stage IIIC breast cancer after her breast surgeon failed to order appropriate diagnostic tests in the face of a palpable breast lump.

for a 68-year-old woman who suffered myocardial infarction requiring insertion of a mechanical heart pump after her treating cardiologist interrupted her aspirin therapy in advance of gynecologic surgery.

for a widow and her two children whose husband lost his life due to hospital malpractice and failure to appreciate changes in his neurological status.

for a 39-year-old nanny who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury after getting struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street within the crosswalk.

for a widow and her two children whose husband lost his life due to hospital’s failure to appropriately treat his burns.

for a 38-year-old nurse who underwent an unnecessary double mastectomy.

for a 53-year-old professional photographer who suffered multiple leg fractures requiring surgery after getting run over by box truck that jumped sidewalk curb.

for the wrongful death of a young artist who was struck and killed by a New York City Transit Authority bus while crossing the street.

for a 42-year-old woman who developed stage IIIB breast cancer due to malpractice of radiologist.

for a 52-year-old woman who developed stage III breast cancer due to malpractice of radiologist.

for a 28-year-old dance instructor who suffered multiple herniated discs in her thoracic and lumbar spine requiring lumbar fusion surgery following fall from a stage.

for a 23-year-old woman who suffered ruptured spleen requiring splenectomy and torn lateral meniscus requiring arthroscopic surgery following motor vehicle crash.

for a 33-year-old personal trainer who suffered herniated discs in his lumbar spine requiring a hemilaminectomy and partial discectomy after his motorcycle struck a raised expansion joint on the Manhattan Bridge.