Jonathan R. Ratchik, Partner

  • Almost 20 years of experience devoted exclusively to the practice of personal injury law
  • Has recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf negligence victims and their families
  • Frequent lecturer for New York State Trial Lawyers Association

Growing up, Jonathan Ratchik knew that he wanted to make a difference. To help people get back up when life knocked them down. To be their voice when no one seemed to listen or care.

In hindsight, it seems only natural that Jonathan went to law school and, after graduating, immediately became a personal injury attorney. Throughout his legal career, Jonathan has fought for the rights of injured New Yorkers, standing up to the insurance companies and big corporations who too often put profits before people.  Whether it’s the bicyclist who gets struck by a distracted driver, the pedestrian who trips due to a dangerous and defective sidewalk, or the construction worker who suffers a debilitating injury because a building owner failed to provide a safe jobsite, Jonathan works tirelessly to make sure his clients receive justice and the compensation they deserve.

Jonathan also understands that many of the wars which are won inside the courtroom only happen because of the smaller battles that take place outside it.  With an unrivaled attention to detail, Jonathan takes particular pride in making sure that the firm’s legal papers, which can spell the difference between victory and defeat at trial, are second to none.  He’s also amassed an impressive track record on appeal in the First and Second Judicial Departments, doing whatever is necessary to give his clients their day in court when others would have thrown in the towel.

Jonathan lives in New York City with his wife, Hollie, and their two children.  When he’s not fighting in the courtroom, Jonathan enjoys coaching his son’s little league team, listening to the Yankees on the radio, and being a great husband (and an even better dad).  He’s also a proud supporter and volunteer for Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group that is committed to making NYC a safer, more enjoyable place for all New Yorkers to walk, bike and live.

Reported Decisions:

Manhattan by Sail, Inc. v. Tagle,

_ F.3d_ (2d Cir. 2017)(reversing judgment in favor of petitioner and directing verdict in favor of respondent, a young mother of two who suffered a traumatic brain injury after getting struck in the head by metal clip while on board petitioner’s sailboat)

Waxman v. Hallen Const. Co. Inc.,

139 A.D.3d 597 (1st Dep’t 2016)(reversing order granting defendant’s summary judgment motion which was untimely and where issues of fact whether defendant created dangerous roadway condition that caused plaintiff’s motor scooter crash)

Uncyk v. Cedarhurst Prop. Mgmt.,

LLC, 137 A.D.3d 610 (1st Dep’t 2016)(reversing order granting defendant’s motion for summary judgment where issues of fact as to whether defendant had constructive notice of dangerous sidewalk condition that caused elderly woman’s fall)

Nakasato v. 331 W. 51st Corp.,

124 A.D.3d 522 (1st Dep’t 2015)(affirming plaintiff’s post-trial motion to set aside jury verdict in favor of defendants on the grounds that verdict represented impermissible compromise)

Higgins v. West 50th Street Assoc., LLC,

94 A.D.3d 522 (1st Dep’t 2015)(affirming $6.7M verdict in favor of professional makeup artist who suffered mild traumatic brain injury after slipping on wet staircase)

Aaron v. Fish-Bones Towing, Inc.,

90 A.D.3d 452 (1st Dep’t 2011)(affirming order granting pre-discovery motion for summary judgment in favor of professional photographer who, while locking up his bicycle on the sidewalk, was run over by a truck that had become detached from tow truck and jumped the curb)

Texeira v. BAB Nuclear Radiology, P.C.,

54 A.D.3d 1022 (2d Dep’t 2008)(affirming denial of defendant’s motion for summary judgment where issues of fact as to whether statute of limitations tolled by the continuous treatment doctrine)

Rudnik v. Brogor Realty Corp.,

45 A.D.3d 828 (2d Dep’t 2007)(reversing denial of summary judgment in favor of plaintiff construction worker who fell while trying to climb A-frame ladder that had been placed on top of a scaffold)