Slip/Trip & Falls

Slip and fall incidents are one of the most common causes of injury in New York and throughout the United States. A slip and fall incident occurs when an individual slips on a foreign substance, such as water, grease, food, snow and ice, etc.,that is on a floor, stair or other walking surface. While some slip and fall incidents might only cause minor cuts and bruises, others can cause broken bones and even traumatic brain injuries that can leave their victims permanently disabled.

In New York, building owners, managing agents and other possessors of property are responsible for keeping their property in a reasonably safe condition. Some incidents occur when a dangerous condition is created, such as when a floor is mopped and left to dry without a warning sign. When the dangerous condition has not been created, however, it becomes necessary to prove that the building owner or managing agent either knew, or should have known, about the condition long enough before the incident to have allowed it to correct it.

Important steps to take if you’ve been involved in a slip and fall incident include:

  • Report the incident
  • Seek medical attention right away
  • Write down the names of witnesses
  • Take photographs of the condition that caused your fall
  • Avoid giving recorded statements to insurance adjustors

If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall incident, do not hesitate to contact Kramer, Dunleavy & Ratchik, PLLC. We’ve successfully represented individuals in slip and fall incidents and know how to uncover the evidence needed to prove negligence in such cases. Such evidence often spells the difference between no recovery and fair compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and economic loss.


for professional makeup artist who suffered a traumatic brain injury after slipping and falling down a flight of stairs that had become flooded due to the landlord’s negligence.

for 52-year-old woman who suffered right knee injury requiring arthroscopic surgery after slipping and falling on snow-covered driveway.

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