Brain Injuries

A brain injury may affect an unborn child, an adult, or an elderly person. Most brain injuries are the result of a lack of blood or oxygen to the brain, but can also be caused by minor to severe impact, or head trauma. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) may go unnoticed by the victim for months until a family member becomes aware of behavioral and mood changes in the victim. Regardless of the brain injury you or your loved one sustained, we will work with you to assert your rights against negligent drivers, doctors, or other parties that caused a brain injury. The attorneys at Kramer, Dunleavy & Ratchik, PLLC, help the victims of brain injury and their families recover significant compensation for their immediate and long-term losses.

You deserve compensation for the full extent of any brain injury or loss. If you, your child, or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, our attorneys will work to see your family restored financially and emotionally to the greatest extent possible.


for professional makeup artist who suffered a traumatic brain injury after slipping and falling down a flight of stairs that had become flooded due to the landlord’s negligence.

for 39-year-old nanny who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury after getting struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street within the crosswalk.

for 26-year-old building superintendent who suffered mild traumatic brain injury after getting assaulted by worker performing renovation work in building.

for 36-year-old brand manager who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling down a cellar staircase at a bar which had been built with a door that opened inwardly, over the staircase, with no landing, and had been left unlocked.

for 53-year-old homeowner who suffered mild traumatic brain injury and fractured thoracic spine after falling through opening in upstairs bedroom created by contractor.

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